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The Man Test

There is a fine line between being a man's man and being a barbarian. Likewise, the line between a lady's man and a wuss is hairline. Take our test to see if you are more like Ah-nold or a girly-man like Richard Simmons. (If you are a gal, take this on behalf of your boyfriend. See if you need to get a new boy toy.)

1. She says, 'I love you.' You respond by:
A. Saying 'Good for you. Now give me five.' And slap her hand.
B. Saying 'I know.'
C. Looking her straight in the eyes and saying 'I love you.'
D. Saying 'You had me at hello!'

2. It is your one-year anniversary with your girlfriend. What do you do?
A. I will take her to McDonald's. I will even let her supersize her meal.
B. I might take her to a basketball or baseball game.
C. Take her to a nice restaurant and buy her flowers.
D. You take her to a private restaurant where you ask the band to play your 'song'.

3. Which of the following best describes your 'pick-up' line?
A. Boy, I worked up a good sweat. You wanna sniff?
B. Hey babe, you are lookin' mighty fine.
C. Hi, you have a beautiful smile. My name is XXX.
D. You break out into song Michael Jackson style, have random people get behind you and do choreographed dances.

4. What would make you break a date with your girlfriend?
A. Ron Popeil Infomercial.
B. ESPN Game of the Week.
C. Family or friend crisis.
D. You haven't finished your nails, hair, and coloring. Your perm isn't done, haven't finalized your appointment for waxing and tanning. She ain't gonna look better than you.

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